Elephant Pass Pancakes


Little Miss woke with a head cold on Sunday. She was miserable when she tried to lay down, low energy and high maintenance, so in a bid to salvage our day off together and maintain some joy, we decided to pile in the car and head an hour or so “up the road” to Elephant Pass. Miss Two was happy, she could nap and watch Shaun the Sheep. We were happy because she was happy, and we all ate pancakes to celebrate.

A feeling of serenity washed over us as we arrived at Mount Elephant Pancake House. The location is so beautiful, and unexpected. It’s not exactly a thriving metropolis to set up shop in up there, but it seems to work.

Everything has the feeling of having been there a while, in a clean and well cared for way. They’ve been doing what they do for a time now and over the years, each visit has been pretty much the same. The coffee is weak, but hot. The lemonade comes from a can and the pancakes are generous and delicious. The one notable difference this time was the fact they could cater for my gluten allergy. STOKED!! The number of items to choose from on the menu were greatly reduced on the savoury side of things, but I could have any and all of the sweet ones…. Damn shame.

Tim had chicken, Camembert and blueberry (yes, blueberry) pancake followed by a scrumptious apple, banana and blueberry something. I enjoyed a more basic ham, cheese, pineapple affair; followed by a plain old cinnamon sugar (with ice cream, naturally). By the time we rolled out of there, we were all stupid happy faced and content.

It took just under an hour to get there; it would’ve a quick 45 minutes to an hour to keep going to St. Helens and a little more to Bay of Fires. We opted out of going further on Sunday, but proved to our selves that it is indeed, all a very do-able day trip from Coles Bay.

You can find more pics here!