Freycinet in Winter

Friendly Beach Friendly Beach
Winter is upon us in the Bay, and with it, a collective sigh of relief as quiet descends upon us. The days of the frantic summer holiday maker, squeezing as much as they can into every moment of daylight drift away, and our winter guests slowly make their blissful way in. Freycinet in Winter is an enchanting experience.

A holiday in the cooler months is a very different experience, it seems to be quieter, more about rejuvenation, we have a lot of guests come and stay for a longer. A lot of our fellow Tasmanians taking a mid year mini-break, taking some much deserved time out in a place far away from daily “to-do” lists and routines.

Less sunlight hours in the day make it easier to retire for the day earlier. Cool, or very occasional wet weather offers further respite from the need to do and see everything, the way our Summer guests do. Our guests savor the extra time indoors to read, draw, paint, write or process their photo’s. Sometimes, they just switch off and watch some old movies, listen to music, sleep and embrace the serenity.

There is still plenty to do out doors. The weather is mild on the East Coast with Winter average temperature being about 14 or 15 degrees, and we have less rain in the Winter months than the Summer months. Morning walks along the local beach seem to more favored by our cool climate visitors, Wineglass Bay is just as spectacular, or more so, (and far less crowded). And most of the local activity companies run year round and you may well find a winter special in there to boot. Not to mention the day trip options.(here and here)

So, Winter in Freycinet? It’s quiet, peaceful, stunning and serene. It’s bliss, the perfect way to re-charge yourself mid year.

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Why Winter in Freycinet?

Friendly Beach - to our selves!

If you considering a mid year break, here are some fantastic reasons to consider a bit of Winter in Freycinet;
– The average day time temperature from June – September is around 14 or 15 degrees, very mild and great for walking
– The East Coast has far fewer rainy days in Winter, than Summer, or for that matter, anywhere else in the state.
– There are far fewer people on the walking tracks
– It’s completely possible to walk any of the beaches and have them entirely to yourself, if you’re brave enough, take a quick skinny dip, I guarantee you will feel more awake than you have all year!
– The Sunsets are magical this time of year, head over to Freycinet Lodge for a drink at the lounge bar and watch the sunset, warm and toasty near one of their huge open fire places.
– Activity bookings are more readily available, and you might catch a winter discount.
Freycinet Adventures and All4Adventures both operate year round.
– You are in with a chance to spot some whales. They visit the coast during the winter months, visitors include Southern Right, Humpback, Pilot and very occasionally Minky’s
– The wildlife is more adventurous with fewer people around, wallabies and possums venture regularly into yards and public spaces. You may also catch a gimpse of a quoll or pademelon.
– For photographers…. the light. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout right? The Hazards in their Winter light are much more photogenic.
– Relax of an evening in warmth and comfort and quiet, no traffic noises during the off season, did I mention the quiet?

Day Trip Ideas: St Helens

St Helens is approx. 113km from Coles Bay, it will take you a bit over an hour to get there. With a population of over 2000, there is a little bit more shopping to be had than Coles Bay and Bicheno.

Here are just a few idea to get you started;
– Up there in our top 3 day trips is to Pyengana . A further 27 km, (about 25 mins drive) from St Helens and well worth the trip, particularly for cheese lovers. Pyengana Dairy Co. and the Holy Cow! Café is one of our favorite places to go when we need a day trip out of the Bay. (Don’t forget to buy a beer for Priscilla, the pig!)
Gallery Parnella ; A modern gallery featuring Tasmanian artists, with gift shop,
Eureka Farm grows fruits and berries, and makes jams, relishes, sauces, icecream and puddings, a tasty treat indeed!
– Gateway to world renowned Bay of Fires, Take a trip to stunning, white beaches and amazingly clear aqua waters.
– Useful links:
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Day trip suggestions: Bicheno

Photo courtesy of Bicheno Penguin Tours.

Photo courtesy of Bicheno Penguin Tours.

Bicheno is a little over 30 km north from Coles Bay, Not far at all, but there is plenty to do.

The Bakery in Bicheno is fantastic, great coffee, friendly service and super tasty pastry! Grab some luck and go and by the water at the Blow Hole.

Here’s some ideas to get you started:
– Visit the Douglas Apsley National Park
Bicheno Penguin Tours offer a fantastic experience. Operating since 1992, they really know their little furry locals!
Bicheno Nature World. Explore their Tasmanian Wildlife exhibits and sanctuary in a beautiful bush setting. You will see Wallabies, Forrester Kangaroos, Wombats, and Tasmanin Devils, amog other things.
Waubs Bay, a gallery – located in the heart of Bicheno, waubs bay focuses on exhibiting high quality local artists in various mediums including, but not limited to, paintings, photography, ceramics, textiles, wood or jewelry.
Bicheno Glass Bottom Boat tours. An eco-tourism experience operating daily from The Gulch. View marine wildlife and learn about the history of the area.
Bicheno Motorcycle Museum and Restoration, suitable for both motorcycle enthusiasts and novices!
– Some more useful Links;
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Elephant Pass Pancakes


Little Miss woke with a head cold on Sunday. She was miserable when she tried to lay down, low energy and high maintenance, so in a bid to salvage our day off together and maintain some joy, we decided to pile in the car and head an hour or so “up the road” to Elephant Pass. Miss Two was happy, she could nap and watch Shaun the Sheep. We were happy because she was happy, and we all ate pancakes to celebrate.

A feeling of serenity washed over us as we arrived at Mount Elephant Pancake House. The location is so beautiful, and unexpected. It’s not exactly a thriving metropolis to set up shop in up there, but it seems to work.

Everything has the feeling of having been there a while, in a clean and well cared for way. They’ve been doing what they do for a time now and over the years, each visit has been pretty much the same. The coffee is weak, but hot. The lemonade comes from a can and the pancakes are generous and delicious. The one notable difference this time was the fact they could cater for my gluten allergy. STOKED!! The number of items to choose from on the menu were greatly reduced on the savoury side of things, but I could have any and all of the sweet ones…. Damn shame.

Tim had chicken, Camembert and blueberry (yes, blueberry) pancake followed by a scrumptious apple, banana and blueberry something. I enjoyed a more basic ham, cheese, pineapple affair; followed by a plain old cinnamon sugar (with ice cream, naturally). By the time we rolled out of there, we were all stupid happy faced and content.

It took just under an hour to get there; it would’ve a quick 45 minutes to an hour to keep going to St. Helens and a little more to Bay of Fires. We opted out of going further on Sunday, but proved to our selves that it is indeed, all a very do-able day trip from Coles Bay.

You can find more pics here!

A little on info on location – and a thank you!

Hazards Escape is uniquely located on a private property, along side our own, private residence. There are several advantages to this; we are usually on site to offer assistance if required or answer questions, the block is internal so it is very quiet, and it is very private and secure with safe off street parking. It also means that w can tailor the experience to individual needs. Some guests we see once when checking in and that’s it. For others, we get to speak a bit more often and hear tale of their travels.

For the most part, as a professional courtesy, we keep interaction to a helpful minimum, as we really want our guests to enjoy the space and privacy offered by staying at a place such as ours. Even so, one of the particularly wonderful things about what we do is the opportunity for one on one connection, as opposed to the standard, run of the mill, repeat the speil 20 times a day for each guest checking in approach.

Avalon196 is one of the guests we saw a little bit more of this year and she very kindly posted the below review to Trip Advisor:

“We loved our stay at Hazard’s Escape and would definitely stay there again in the future. The apartment is modern, fresh, well equipped and comfortable for a short stay. It is very conveniently located for visitors to the Freycinet Peninsula and has a view to the spectacular Hazard’s Mountain Range from the private deck. The modern comfortable décor is enhanced by art work and photography of the local area. Our hosts were friendly and helpful whilst respecting our privacy at all times.”

Since her visit, we have stayed in touch via social media. This is a shout out to a lovely guest to say thank you for her kind review, and it has really been a pleasure!

Tombolo Love


With it’s outstanding view of the Hazards mountain range, Tombolo Freycinet is the perfect place to stop for some thing to eat and drink. Although they opened for their 4th season a few weeks ago, we only just managed to stop in for dinner last night, and as always, it was a pleasure.

Shannon is the hostess with the mostest, her special blend of warm welcome, efficiency and professionalism is always a pleasure to behold; and Andrew is back in the kitchen, whipping up deliciousness like a lucky charm.

We took advantage of the mild evening and sat outside. As luck would have it, we were the only ones out there, which meant that Miss 2 could stretch her legs a little while we waited for our order. Tim ordered the Salty Sea Dog, I can not remember the name of mine but it was the equivalent of something mild and tropical, suitable to share with little miss. We sipped some local red wine as we waited and were reminded, once again, how lucky we are to live in this place as we took a moment to watch the sun set on the Hazards.

While you may pay a little more at Tombolo for your pizzas than you would at a standard joint in the city, you will also get something far more worth eating. There will be no pre-packaged, over processed ham, or cheese coated in anti caking agents on these pizzas. Instead, Tasmanian local produce is favoured, Boks free range ham, quality cheeses and freshness abound. Your taste buds will thank you.

Tombolo also do breakfast and lunch and have a good selection of cakes and biscuits to choose from if you’re just after a snack. Coffee happens all day and is a beautiful blend from Villino Espresso, you will not be disappointed.

As an aside, they do usually have a little gluten free something for those of us with “special” needs, and I can personally vouch for their gluten free pizza bases. Thin, not too soggy, not too tough, I’d even go so far as to say they’ve got them just right. Well done guys, here’s to a bumper season!

Muirs Beach Magic

One of the nicest things about living and working in a place like Coles Bay Tasmania, is that magic happens all the time.

Right now it’s happening at Muirs Beach surfable sets AND rainbows (read it…not one, but TWO!) The sets are totally surfable if you’ve a long board (or are a lightweight), although you might want your winter wettie, this place is amazing!

Muirs rainbow,