Freycinet in Winter

Friendly Beach Friendly Beach
Winter is upon us in the Bay, and with it, a collective sigh of relief as quiet descends upon us. The days of the frantic summer holiday maker, squeezing as much as they can into every moment of daylight drift away, and our winter guests slowly make their blissful way in. Freycinet in Winter is an enchanting experience.

A holiday in the cooler months is a very different experience, it seems to be quieter, more about rejuvenation, we have a lot of guests come and stay for a longer. A lot of our fellow Tasmanians taking a mid year mini-break, taking some much deserved time out in a place far away from daily “to-do” lists and routines.

Less sunlight hours in the day make it easier to retire for the day earlier. Cool, or very occasional wet weather offers further respite from the need to do and see everything, the way our Summer guests do. Our guests savor the extra time indoors to read, draw, paint, write or process their photo’s. Sometimes, they just switch off and watch some old movies, listen to music, sleep and embrace the serenity.

There is still plenty to do out doors. The weather is mild on the East Coast with Winter average temperature being about 14 or 15 degrees, and we have less rain in the Winter months than the Summer months. Morning walks along the local beach seem to more favored by our cool climate visitors, Wineglass Bay is just as spectacular, or more so, (and far less crowded). And most of the local activity companies run year round and you may well find a winter special in there to boot. Not to mention the day trip options.(here and here)

So, Winter in Freycinet? It’s quiet, peaceful, stunning and serene. It’s bliss, the perfect way to re-charge yourself mid year.

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